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The story of Anwar Shalgin is not as exotic as his name, but is quite beautiful and reminds a romantic tale, whose plot somehow naturally leads to happy ending. Anwar Shalgin was born in Damascus / Syria / but in the last 18 years he lives and works in Bulgaria. A big part of those years he had dedicated to his work as a hairdresser. Being in search of perfection and harmony in the vision, he had given beauty to his clients. His passion for art arises when several years ago came to him the idea to make a special gift for one of his close friends.
Anwar had dressed up in leather a bottle of nice Bulgarian wine, using quite different and innovative way of working. Taste of wine was wonderful, but what had impressed strongly the people, for whom was prepared the present, was the unique bottle, remaining of real art piece. Shalgin admits with a smile on his face that he liked his own work much and decided to create a brand new and quite different style in the artistic processing of leather, which still has no specific name and a strict definition. Being such perfectionist Shalgin had given in to detailed and careful study of the intricacies of the Leather craft and to the improvement of working techniques. The choice of Anwar to work with leather is not accidental at all. He reveals his special affinity for natural materials because of the fact that they emit specific warmth and create a feeling of comfort.
    The road to the excellence in the craft like leather working had proved itself as not quite mild and easy. Anwar taught himself to all craft’s intricacies, collecting precious information, he had searched for some good masters, questioning them about their techniques and methods of work, after it all he had spent long hours in his studio, working hard by using the principle “trial - error", but finally he get the confidence that he needs to unfold his talent and imagination. Creation of each item gave away to the talented man an indescribable joy and reinforces his desire to create new and more beautiful objects. Anwar is convinced that the creations of his hands radiate beauty, warmth and harmony, because their making requires knowledge, patience, talent and dedication. The ability of the artist to revitalize the leather in his hands helps him to create unique masterpieces which find out a proper application in our daily life.
    In his brief art biography Ahuar Shalgin has several participations in international exhibitions in towns like Plovdiv, Ruse, Sofia and Oreshaka region.
In the early December last year the master had opened in the town of  Rousse his first solo exhibition and now is planning the next one for the early July this year. Among the most frequent orders that Anwar accepts are kits for weddings, leather boxes, night lamps from old flagons and some unique art pieces, using the ideas of the clients. Shalgin believes that like in many other places around the world, in Bulgaria people know how to appreciate the art and to enjoy it, being thirst for new ideas and welcoming all that can be accepted as different. In personal plan the master is linked with Bulgaria with one big and beautiful love, but that's the topic of another conversation.

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