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The beauty is an integral part of our human nature. The art is a unique manifestation precisely of our sworn and eternal pursuit of beauty, harmony and perfection. The beauty itself has an infinite number of shapes, dimensions and manifestations just like the love has. We all from "Art Manager 7" are connoisseurs of the beautiful and the valuable, so we try through the pages of our magazine to make you sympathetic to many beautiful works of art, many beautiful places in the world and equally beautiful revelations of people, who had linked in some way their life with creating. In the fifth issue of the magazine we will invite you on a journey to the sunny and romantic Brazil; will reveal the secrets of the modern neoclassicism, and at the end will try to make more familiar, even only partially, the wonderful symbiosis between the man and the technology in the name of a brand new generation of high quality art.
The colorful carnival procession of our pages promises not to leave you indifferent to that world, parallel to our gray everyday life, where rules the refinement and the need to please ourselves and the others by what we create. "The beauty will save the world!" - exclaimed Dostoevsky in the past on the pages of his brilliant novel, with a little bit strange title "Idiot." Undeniable the beauty has the ability to ennoble us, to smooth the rough edges of the human expressions and to save us again and again from the depths of the poor spirits, where dominate the darkness and loneliness. I believe you will find this time again many reasons for smiles being in our company.
Let be beauty for all of you!
Till the next issue!

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