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Vassil GORANOV A Romantic Neoclassicist in the World of Modern Art

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Vasil Goranov is from those artists who have the ability to tell stories with their paintings. Vivid, bright, memorable, the images and the scenes that the artist recreates are carrying the spirit of time and space, which were sealed in them. Born in the picturesque Rhodope town of Velingrad /Bulgaria/, Vasil had discovered quite early his attraction to the fine art. He graduated with a high degree in "Painting", which he studied in the class of Prof. Nikolay Ruschokliev in Veliko Tarnovo /Bulgaria/. The painter determines his style as a Neoclassicism with modern elements at the border of Surrealism. His paintings are filled with a soft light, which gives them a special kind of mysticism and romance.

When did you feel the need to draw and when did you realize that you have the gift to do it?

I paint since I have some memories for myself. I remember that I was only four years old when I won my first contest in my hometown. People who I accept as explorers of my talent are my kindergarten teachers. From that moment I’ve always known that I will be an artist, because this is my calling in this life!

What inspires you to create all this beauty and grace on your canvases?

When I am conquer by the muses of the inspiration, I am going into a strange special state, which do not leave me until the finishing of  the artwork. On the other hand each work entails a new one; that one provokes another and in fact it becomes an endless cycle of creation. Leading for me too is my constant need for development and cultivation which initially lies in the human nature. I accept myself as a successful person somehow in terms of my idea for myself, but even when I will be 100 years old, I’ll still want to learn new things, to improve and develop myself. 

Do you have a special relationship with some of your works? Is there such artwork  among them, which has a special significance and symbolism for you as an artist and as a person?

I can not say that some of my works are more special for me than the others are. I am trying to be the fully dedicated to the work on each of them. The truth is that I'm a perfect workaholic – I am working 14-15 hour a day. The nature of things that I am drawing is more specific, actually they are very labor - intensive, in most cases they are quite volume as sizes and of course all of them require a great precision and accuracy. Often they are preceded by extensive studies of images, clothing, details and specific characteristics of time and space, which I recreate on the canvases. I am trying to be maximum truthful and realistic in every aspect. 

In your artworks are presented many historical characters, themes and storylines. What have provoked you to create them? Isn’t it a fruit of some creative nostalgia, a fruit of different aesthetic and other values? 

Now more than ever we, Bulgarians, need to define ourselves, to understand who we are and what we are. We need to synchronize our watches with Europe and with the world in general, and to choose the direction of our way toward our future. Our history is rich and full with countless shining examples of greatness and power. It is an invaluable source of national pride and certainly would be interesting to other nations and cultures. In modern painting there is a lacks of impressive battle scenes, of the ancient culture and traditions. We should not forget the fact that the modern man is looking for a new interpretation of the historical events and the history as a whole. He needs an interesting and exciting way in which they to be presented to him. It is required for the artist to have a specific talent and style of working to attract the attention of the man who lives from a long time in the era of modern visual technologies. In practice, this is my way of communication with my audience - through my artworks. If people look for and want my paintings, it means that I’ve found the right approach in my work as an artist. It happens very often to me to work in orders. My clients describe in detail what they want to be paint in the picture. But the happiness and the delight they feel at the sight of the finished work can not be compared with any other recognition of my talent and my gift. 

Too much color, emotional blast and positive energy stream from your paintings. What causes that?

I entirely live with each artpiece I'm working on. I am spending long hours in front of the canvas, which is all the time in a few inches from me. Every detail in my paintings is recreated by me with a lot of emotions and energy. While I am working I am fully engulfed in the artwork, I am settling down in its reality and put much from myself in each piece. 

There is a special kind of romance and idyllically in your works. If these works are your innermost, intimate creative world, what would you like to bring from this world into our busy and a little bit gray everyday life? 

There is an undisguised desire in me to paint like the old masters. I must confess that I live with a constant nostalgia for those old times, in which the man’s word and our ability to stand on it was a matter of honor; times in which the respect to the others and the good manners were something normal and natural.  Unfortunately, in our modern life the concepts for good and evil are pretty fuzzy. Very often we see situations in which the "bad" character is good, and the "good" one is the loser. The honesty in people is what I miss much. The reality in which we live is quite different. People are constantly changing. The way in which they seek to live is changing too. Everyone lives with the dream to be rich and famous, but it often displaces humanity on the background and gives this striving deformity and insincerity. 

Are there any artists who you take as your teachers in your work as an artist?

I’ve always set in front of me high goals as an artist, that's why I strive for the highest achievements of the best classics in the world. I’ve learned much from the works of the old masters of the Renaissance. I make a bow to the talent of Repin, Rubens and Leonardo da Vinci. Among my favorite Bulgarian artists are Vladimir Dimitrov – the Master, Veshin and Anton Mitov. 

When do you think the artist can be considered as a successful one and in that meaning do you accept yourself as a successful artist? 

My measure for successful man is too high. I've never accepted myself as a successful artist and never felt completely satisfied by my work. I am from those people who are trying to reach the sunset on the horizon but it still remains as unattainable as it was ever, which is actually a great motivation and an incentive for development. I will always want to reach the unreachable, to create uncreated and to find the unknown. 

What kind of dreams you link with the art that you create?

Looking back in time I remember that when I was 18-19 years old, I wanted to be what I am today. When a dream becomes a reality, it inevitably is replaced by another. What I am dreaming for now is hard to define. My dreams are many and multidirectional, and probably the whole life won’t be enough for me to realize them. In row of these thoughts I remember a sentence that one of my teachers - the sculptor Professor Constantin Denev had shared with us while we were his students and were always asking him how to become successful artists. He said that if we fall in love like never before in our lives, if we can win so much money that we can not spend them for three whole lives, and finally, if we draw each piece as if it is the last one to create, inevitably we will leave behind us a traces as artists. This is a vicious circle in which our lives revolve. We are pushing our stone up to the rock and always look to the top. 

How would you complete the phrase: "Art is ......."?

Art is a way to remove our look from our feet in the direct and the figurative meaning of the word. 

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