DOBRIELA KOEVA A Colorful Tale of One Romantic Soul

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Dobriela is not from those people who boast with their talents and achievements. She prefers the fruits of her labor to speak for her. And they really speak, telling  fairy stories and painting a dreaming worlds filled with beauty. Dobriela gladly allowed us to peek behind the curtain of her cherished creative world and to feel her happiness of being artist.

When did you find out your certain need to create and which are your first memories linked with the art?

You bring me back to my early age when everything was "pink", filled with the feeling of comfort and complete happiness. I’ve scrabbled much like most 3-4 years old kids. I was very impressed by the people and the animals that I saw, especially the cats and their flexible movements that I recreated through my childish fantasy. I drew constantly - by memory and by live. I still feel like a child because of my love for animation and picture books. Even I am grounded in reality; I have a sense of harmony, as a real memory from Heaven. It helps me to go through the difficulties that inevitably stand on the way of everyone, especially when that one is an artist - an idealist, the like are the most artists. I will make a summary just in one sentence – my childhood is my earthly Paradise, where begins my magical world of art!

In your work as an artist you often recreate the image of Bulgarian woman. What do you put into this image and into the image of women as all?

To be more accurate I am combining several specific things in that image. At first this is my homage to the woman to her beauty, to her grace and her dedication in everything everywhere. In addition my love for everything that I can call Bulgarian is the one that puts a woman in folk costumes, recreated by me. I hope it does not sound far fetched, but I will say that "all Bulgarian and familiar I love, revere and mile," though at heart I am a Christian and Cosmopolitan, accepting all the people as brothers.

What kinds of messages are woven into the magical, fairytale characters that you create in your artworks?

There is always a message because the idea usually comes to me as a gift. I just have to work! All these accumulations of research, experimentation, knowledge and experience help me to mold a collective image. Usually the more philosophical from my paintings and graphics have a multiple impact. Everyone sees his or her fairy story there, and it is great, because art is not a selfish tool. The impact, especially if you unlock the good in us.

Your work is interspersed with folk motifs and elements? How the traditional Bulgarian folklore provokes and inspires you?

My answer is short. I love all Bulgarian in spite of everything! I feel it is in my genes since my early childhood. I felt a true happiness, while I was listening to a folk music or was reading the Bulgarian folk tales. I love my country and this is not a posture or a strained expression! A long stay abroad more than 2-3 weeks makes me feel bad, regardless of the perfect conditions there, comparable to all daily difficulties and problems in Bulgaria.

There is a significant romance and mystery in your art work? How would you define you own style of creation?

I do not work in any particular style. I am basically a hyperrealist because it is so easy for me, but my figurative compositions tend to be a Fantasy Art. My style is a result of my personal search, so it would be mistake to say exactly what it is.

Do you accept the jewelry and the souvenirs that you create as a continuation of your paintings?

This is a very pleasant thing, which I am dealing with between the more serious works, such as painting and graphics. For me the applied art is one more peaceful world, just like the entrance to the so called "serious" art. It also requires knowledge work, experimentation and above all creativity. So I would not agree with the word "souvenir" because every piece made by my hands is unique and has its value as a work of art.

Do you have a particular partiality for some topics or characters in your work as an artist?

Yes, I definitely have and this is the image of the woman and people in general. The animals, the recreated on the canvas nature and the other background elements just help me to deliver in the best way my message to the viewer.
But at the base of it all lays the Divine Grace, to which I aspire, embodying it in the images from my works. I make a bow to him and to his countless manifestations.

Are there any people who you accept as your teachers when we talk about your work as an artist?

There are many great in the world, but for me the most significant are the three "Titans" - Leonardo, Michelangelo and Durer.

The future is inconstant measure to each of us, especially when it comes to art, but it would be interesting to share what you dream for as an artist and what you believe in?

I live in the world of dreams since I was a child and many from these dreams came true, but for all that time since I am living this life, I found the most important rule for success, and it states: "Keep the God's laws; work hard and your dreams will become a reality ".

With what are related your future creative plans?

The truth is that our plans are also a kind of dreams that we hope to achieve. It is better to make plans because in that way we systematize our work priorities. But let us be wise and do not forget that the past and the future do not belong to us. Let us embrace the present and do not allow ourselves to waste our valuable time, but to invest it in something meaningful, valuable and effective like the Art!

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