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RAN MANOLOV About the perfection of the detail and the vocation of the artist

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He is young, talented and decided to make art on a high global level. His calling is to paint. The artist conquers the audience with his incredible perfection and his attention to detail. His works are like examples for a textbook - hardly anyone would try to find some imperfections in them. What provokes a young man to take on the path of the Art and how difficult is that path of the artist we will learn personally from Ran Manolov.

How long are you dealing with art?

Since I can remember myself I draw. I'm not sure what I’d drown in the beginning, but it is a great recognition for me that my grandfather is still keeping his portrait that I’ve painted when I was only 6 years old.

Almost all boys dream to have more pragmatic and glamorous professions when they grow up some day. What was your dream about your professional future?

I remember that I wanted to do something meaningful; and not with anything else, but with the art I am creating. When I was younger I felt terribly suppressed by Michelangelo and by his works. Probably it was happened because in these early times deep in me was awakened already my natural desire for perfection. In addition to everything said above I should mention that I grew up surrounded by artists and it is impossible for me to choose to become anything else but the artist. 

Is it difficult for the artist to develop and to prove himself when the corrective are his nearest people or it is a kind of motivator for him?

Oh, there were terribly hard times; moments in which I was on the edge to give up from drawing and to drop everything aside. But I went on in spite of everything and everyone, probably driven by an overwhelming desire to succeed and to prove myself to my families. Of course, all these things had changed along the time. Everything is different today! I felt motivated and it helps me to unwind. 

Your portfolio is impressive with the divergence and the diversity of your work. In this line of thinking what is the secret to be a good artist "on all fronts"?

Thanks for the assessment. The multiple fronts of work are dangerous and quite complicated. If I have to be honest, I’ve got a big problems with my own decision what I want to do, where to focus my work and in which direction to develop my talents. In our days dispersal, even in the genres of art, is dangerous and sometimes fruitless. And about that how to become a good in your job… Interesting question! I think it's simple. If you learn where you belong to, what you like to do and which is the thing you are able to do in the bet way, it's probably already a guarantee that you will be good at doing it, and even can be perfect one day. If you give everything from you, the art will reward you many times. For me it is important to express my ideas through the art, never mind if it is digital or not. 

The computer or drawing by hand is your bigger weakness? 

Nothing can replace the feeling of charcoal in my hand. It is a special type of contact; without any intermediaries. But working with the technique is quite intriguing too. When I start working on a personal project, my pleasure is guaranteed. My day basically goes with a tablet in my hands. I often work even after the end of my working time and when I get home I gripe the tablet again. My work inspires me like nothing else in the world. If a person is not himself while doing his job that is a great sorrow. I am myself when I'm working and that makes me very happy. Outside the drawing I have other interesting sides, but they are familiar only for a limited number of people. 

Some of your works are 3D. When and how you felt that you are kindled in three-dimensional drawing? 

I am working in this sphere for about a year. I think it was a natural sequel of my desire and need to grow and learn new techniques to work. I was lit by the works of other authors, by the perfection of detail that I can achieve and along with it my work to keep its integrity and still to be a pure art. Sometimes I can not achieve what my imagination draws. Most problems which arise in my work are purely technical. I still have more to learn. Sometimes I am limited by my knowledge, and that can affect the result. But along the time it will change; every day brings new challenges, a new knowledge and a new successes.

Is there an author or an artwork that are more important for you as an artist?

There are several works in front of which I can spend a lot of time and still to have a need to see them again and again. I prefer not to limit myself too much, because there are so many artists and so many wonderful artworks that impress and excite. If I have to be more specific, I like much a certain portrait of Delakrua – a Female one, exposed in the Louvre. I was coming back to watch it again and again. Once when I was in the Prado Museum I remember myself sitting on the ground and searing 30 – 40 min. at a great work of Tiepolo. They asked me to go out because they were closing. Another work that I accept as an incredible one is the "David" by Michelangelo. Even the air around it is different. He is a pure genius in the true meaning of the word. 

What do you think about development of the young artists in Bulgaria? Is there a realistic appraisal for the work of artists in the country at the moment?

Like everything else, that has its positives and its negatives. To bet on the classical training is the right strategy. But in our days many artists do not have such training. They do not pay enough attention to their training and along the time they just exhale. It is important to be assured an adequate sequel of the training in the actual work of the artist. Technologies have to be embrace, not to be denied and trivialized. If someone wants to study something like that, almost always he is looking for opportunities abroad. There is still a lacks in Bulgaria of good specialists in that field. 

Regarding to the second question probably I will not say anything different. The situation is very difficult. Without Art manager to take care of the promotion and the selling of the author things can not happen in the right way. The good taste must be cultivated. Things are quite confused at the moment. Most curators are suffering from the lack of real appraisal - can not be made only installations. It is necessary the focus to be put on the genuine, the good art.

What do you believe in and what you hope for as an artist?

I hope that things will continue to happen here and now in their best possible way! I wish a lot of successes to the magazine!

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