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The name of that museum is emblematic and widely known all around the world. It is the vivid history of Spanish art in the heart of Madrid. All started in 1785, when Juan de Villanueva designedthe building, in which is housed today the Museo Nacional del Prado. Firstly it was planned to be the Natural History Cabinet, ordered by King Charles III. But the monarch's grandson King Ferdinand VII, encouraged by his wife Queen Maria Isabel de Braganza, changed its designation and the Museum became what it is today. Its first public opening was held in November 1819. The first catalogue of the Museum was published in the same year. It had included only 311 paintings although at the time its collection included over 1500 art works from the various Royal Residences. The royal collection, which had a great importance, became the foundation of the museum fund. In the 16th century, during the rule of Charles V it had increased significantly and continued to enrich during the Habsburg and Bourbon Monarchs period. Thanks to all of them now we have the pleasure to see the greatest masterpieces like “The Garden of Earthly Delights by Bosh, The Nobleman with his hand on his Chest by El Greco, Death of the Virgin by Mantegna, The Holy Family” mostly known as The Pearl by Raphael, Emperor Carlos V on Horseback by Titian, Self-portrait by Durër, The Three Graces by Rubens and The Family of Carlos IV by Goya.

The museum fund was enriched also by a group of outstanding paintings, which belonged to the Museo de la Trinidad. Among them were five canvases by El Greco. Another part of the paintings came from the former Museo de Arte Moderno, including works by the Madrazo, Vicente López, Carlos de Haes, Rosales and Sorolla. If we have to be more concrete, we have to admit that since its establishment till our days more than 2 300 works were included in the fund of the Museum del Prado. Along with them were incorporated a large number of sculptures, prints, drawings and works of art.

           The great increasing of the fund, all the new collection and many visitors from different places around the world became a reason for some innovations and reconstructions, which were made by the Leading team of the Museum. Now the visitors feel more comfortable and free to enjoy all the great masterpieces, which are presented in the halls of Museum. When you enter this majestic temple of the art, you feel like the time stops and allow you fully to immerse yourself in the magic of creation and to touch Eternity.

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